Guide Dogs for Muslims?

Regarding dogs, muslims can own dogs, the sihaba and muslims over the centuries owned dogs for hunting and security purposes. According to a Hadith of the Prophet ﷺ, if a dog is inside the house, the angels of Rahma do not enter that house. This is because the dog is considered to be najas (impure) and angels will not descend where there is impurity. In the cases of guard dogs and hunting dogs, they should be accommodated outside the residential house. With guard dogs, they can be used and owned by muslims without issue but if possible, they should again be catered for outside the residential house as long as they are not required to guide the blind person around the house. If it is necessary to house the dog inside the residence then it’s access to areas of the house should be restricted to those areas necessary and Salah and Ibadah should be conducted in the other areas of the house. If this is not even possible because the blind person requires the dog around the house everywhere then we rely on Allah’s mercy as this is an ‘uzr’ a ‘problem’ which was given by Allah himself. When there is uzr, the rules of taqwa and shariah will change and allow those things which are otherwise not permissible. It is my understanding that most blind people are usually okay to move around the house without a guide dog and generally require them when moving and travelling outside of the house.

Allah ﷻ & His Rasool ﷺ know best; Khadim: Mufti Abu Yusha Yasin


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