Short Islamic Courses


Should Muslims celebrate Mother’s Day?

  In today’s society, we have become accustomed to the traditions of the country that we live in. In the …

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Prophet Yunus (Jonah) Peace be upon Him

Yunus (Jonah) – Description of Jonah’s People Prophet Jonah (Yunus) also known as Dhan-Nun. About his people Almighty Allah said: …

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Prophet Ayoub (Job) Peace be upon Him

Ayoub (Job) – Job’s Family History Ibn Ishaaq stated that he was a man of Rum. His name was Job, …

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Prophet Musa (Moses) Peace be upon Him

Musa (Moses) – The Story of Moses Description of the Pharaoh The pharaoh who ruled Egypt was a tyrant who …

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Prophet Lut (Lot) Peace be upon Him

Lut (Lot) – Description of the People of Sodom Prophet Abraham left Egypt accompanied by his nephew Lot , who …

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Ishaaq (Isaac) and Yaqub (Jacob) (PBUT)

Ishaaq (Isaac) and Yaqub (Jacob) (PBUT) – Issac’s Sons – from Commentators The Qur’an does not give details of Isaac’s …

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