Short Islamic Courses
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Ustaadh, Short Islamic Courses

Founder of Halal or Haram


Shaykh Abu Yusha YASIN
Islamic Scholar, Ask Imam


Shaykh Zain ul Aqtab SIDDIQI
Principle, The Suyuti Institute


About Us

Our journey initially began on Social Media with the popular Facebook Page "Halal or Haram", we started to see a demand for Online education so rather than building a School, we built an Online Platform. Short Islamic Courses and Online Islamic Courses so To keep it simple, we kept it Short, and the topic always being Islamic and thought lets introduce Short Islamic Courses which are easier to digest!

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Our courses are completely online. We may deliver some courses onsite in a seminar format.

All our courses are pre-recorded so there are no timings in that sense You may learn at your own pace in any time that works for you.

No, all our online courses are pre-recorded, allowing for self-paced learning.

The courses vary from 3 days to 3 weeks courses with each lesson about 15 minutes.

Yes, all our courses have a final exam. This allows a student to attain credit for that course.

They will give you a fundamental understanding of Islam, allowing you to become a better contributor to your family and community, and ultimately a better Muslim, a better servant of Allah Most High.

The courses vary, some are in English, some in Urdu, some in French and some even in Arabic. Many more languages to come as we start to grow.

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